Custom Machine Design When You Need It

Our business was founded on innovation and custom machine design. We have designed equipment in dozens of industries over the last thirty years. There are a few scenarios that describe how people use our expertise when creating one-of-a-kind machines.

Scenario 1:

The client discovers a problem that needs to be solved and has an idea of what equipment would be needed to solve that problem. In this scenario the client would give us a description of the solution and we would produce the designs and the drawings to be delivered to the manufacturer.

Scenario 2:

The client recognizes that there is a problem that needs to be solved. The client comes to us and tells us what the problem is and that they would like to develop a proprietary piece of equipment to solve that problem. Our engineers come up with several feasible solutions to the problem and present the pros and cons of each to the client. The client decides on which one they would like to pursue and our engineers start working on the designs and drawings. Designs and drawings are delivered to the client who can take them to a manufacturer of choice and have the custom equipment produced.

Custom Machine Design

Design Qualifications

We take pride in being a group of highly qualified engineers. We have some of the most experienced solid works designers available. This saves you time and money on your project. We can help you get your custom equipment developed quickly and our engineers have qualifications to certify many designs if that is necessary for your product.

Design Software

Our engineers use SolidWorks for the custom designs they do. SolidWorks is one of the most used programs and we have found that it is most suitable for what our clients need. If you have other needs as far as programs go, we can usually still be of service. Give us a call to discuss any of your custom machine design needs today.