Lift Truck Expert Witness – Why an Expert From Alpine Engineering and Design is a Great Fit

When someone uses the term lift truck, they are referring to a broad category of vehicles with the ability to lift things up. Some of the more commonly known lift trucks are forklifts and aerial lifts, but there are a number of other lift trucks that someone could be referring to when they use the term lift truck. It is obvious that if someone is asking you to understand something about a lift truck, or if they are looking for a lift truck expert witness, they are going to need to be a little more specific to get the information desired.

The great news is that here at Alpine Engineering and Design, we have experts who are knowledgeable about, and who have been utilized as experts in cases involving just about every type of lift truck. Learn more about our mechanical engineering expert witnesses.

Are Lift Truck Accidents Common?

It is not uncommon to see someone operating some sort of lift truck on a daily basis. Whether you are at Home Depot and someone is operating a forklift, or if you see someone in a cherry picker working on a power line, these are both instances of someone operating a lift truck.

Because lift truck operation is so common, and because safe operation of lift trucks can be fairly complex, there are a lot of accidents involving lift trucks.

On top of being a fairly common occurrence, because of the weight of the machines and their intended uses, the accidents involving lift trucks are often very serious as well.

When a lift truck accident occurs, it is important to find a qualified expert witness to assist you. Choosing the right expert witness can be a difference maker in your case. When the case involves a serious injury, you want to make sure that you have all of your t’s crossed and your i’s dotted.

Lift Truck Expert Witness

What Makes One of Our Experts the Right Choice for Your Case?

When you are narrowing down your options for lift truck expert witness or for an expert witness of any sort, you are looking for education, experience and communication skills. When you work with Alpine Engineering and Design, you can rest assured that you will get all three. Our experts are mechanical engineers who have years of on the job experience and who have obtained some of the highest certifications an engineer can receive. Our business has grown primarily through word of mouth because of the education and experience that our experts bring to the table and their ability to communicate their findings. You will be hard pressed to find a better lift truck expert witness anywhere.

There are many complex calculations that go into analyzing accidents involving lift trucks. Our experts have performed these calculations numerous times. We are confident that our specialized experience will allow our analyses and opinions to be technically accurate, of the highest quality, scientifically supported and clearly presented.

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