What makes a good manlift expert witness?

A good expert witness has training in both safe operation and mechanical function of a manlift. They should intimately understand the mechanical components of a manlift and when possible, have designed and analyzed similar equipment. The ideal expert witness will also be certified to operate the equipment involved in the case. Meeting both of these requirements will ensure that they can adequately analyze your case.

You can rest assured that when you work with an expert from Alpine Engineering and Design, they will have the experience necessary in both the areas of operation and mechanical function.

What is a manlift?

A manlift is anything designed to move a person from one point to another. This typically happens in a vertical motion. They are often used in construction, cleaning the exterior of buildings and windows, working on power lines and anything else that requires a person to be high off the ground. A manlift expert witness it typically needed due to injury caused by inappropriate operation or inappropriate maintenance.

Are manlift accidents common?

Because they take people high into the air and are attached to a vehicle, there are a lot of variables that can lead to manlift accidents. Because jobs that manlifts are used for often have high turnover and because training takes a lot of time and money, the regulations are sometimes overlooked which can lead to unfortunate accidents.

There are many aspects to take into account when analyzing an accident involving manlifts from training and utilization of the equipment to safety in the design of the equipment.

Manlift Expert Witness

What makes an Expert From Alpine Engineering and Design a good option?

Our experts have been working with this type of machinery for decades. They have experience doing finite element analysis on these pieces of equipment to determine the safety of the design. Several of our experts are also trained to operate and train operators of aerial lifts. This allows them to determine if the equipment was being utilized properly. Along with understanding the equipment and the operating procedures, several of our experts are certified safety professionals. This means that they can analyze the work environment to determine whether operation in the environment was safe. Our experts are the best options for a manlift expert witness.

If you are looking for someone who thoroughly understands aerial lifts and manlifts, and can provide unbiased feedback, give one of our experts a call today at (801)763-8484. Learn more about our experts in mechanical engineering.