Getting the Most Out of Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firms

Mechanical engineering consulting firms can be a huge asset to you no matter the size of your company. When you find the right mechanical engineering consulting company and utilize that company in the right way, they not only make your life easier, but they can save you a lot of money as well.

How Does Engineering Consulting Help Small Businesses?

As a small business, one of your biggest challenges is staffing. Hiring and firing at the right time can be difficult for small businesses and can also be costly if it is not done at the right time. You may be wondering what this has to do with engineering consulting. To answer this, let’s look at a case study from our company (names excluded).

Several years ago we started working with a company who manufactures aerial lifts. At the time they had a one man engineering department and frequently needed additional engineering support. Rather than hire someone and try to come up with things to keep that person busy, they used our engineers as an overflow option. This was a significant cost savings to them since they did not have to pay an additional engineers salary and they got support from an engineer with 15 years of experience.

As time went on they were using our engineers more and more until they got to a point where they consistently had enough work to hire a second engineer. At this point they did not need our services for a few months and they did not have to worry about trying to keep us busy.

A few months later, both of the engineers were being fully utilized and they needed some extra support, so our engineers stepped in again.

That small company grew and ended up being purchased by a very large company. They now have a full engineering department. They still utilize our engineers on occasion when things get busy or if they need something certified by a professional engineer, but as a small business they were grateful to have one of the most qualified consulting engineering firms to assist them in their growth.

Mechanical Engineering Consulting Firms

How Engineering Consulting Helps Large Businesses

Large companies that require mechanical engineering typically have a fully staffed engineering department. While this means that things are typically covered from an engineering standpoint, there are still influxes of work that are often difficult to anticipate. Some companies over staff to compensate for these times, but usually that is an expensive way to handle additional demand. As a consulting engineering firm, we are set up to be able to support those influxes in demand. If something happens that brings in more work than an engineering department can handle, we can put engineers on it quickly. Because we have multiple engineers that we can put on a project, we can even handle large influxes of work. If the work turns out to be temporary, there is no need to make any staffing changes when things go back to normal. If the increased workload turns out to be permanent, we can handle the workload until you find the right person for the job and then make a smooth hand off as well as providing any training that may be necessary for the new employee.