Prototyping and Proof of Concept Prototypes

Prototyping services are services offered by someone to help build a model or a sample of something. Prototypes are typically intended to test a new design and serve as a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

Equipment Used for Model Making

We have invested significantly into being able to help people accurately build their prototypes. We have an in-house 3d printer, CNC machine, lathe, mill, welders and more. This allows us to help those who are working on product design and development get through the prototyping stage so that they have a working concept to present to potential investors and manufacturers. Whether you are testing the fit, function, strength, durability, manufacturability, ergonomics or aesthetics nothing can take the place of a physical prototype.

Prototyping Services

Product Design Implications

When you are designing a product, you may need to go through several iterations of a prototype. Having the ability to make numerous prototypes during the design process if necessary is a huge advantage in product design.

If you are designing a product, or if you are in need of some prototyping, we can help. Bring your product to us in whatever situation it is and we will help you get a prototype. If your product is too big for us to prototype in house, we can help you get your product through the detailed drawing phase which you can take to a manufacturer to have your project prototyped. For any of your prototyping needs, call Alpine Engineering and Design today at: (801)763-8484. To learn more about why we are a great option for prototyping services click here.