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How did Alpine Engineering and Design get into rear impact guard testing?

At Alpine Engineering and Design we design custom trailers on a regular basis. We get a lot of questions revolving around rear impact guards and where to have rear impact guard testing done.

There are only a handful of places in the United States that provide rear impact guard testing. Because this was the case and because we did not have someone that we knew we could refer people to, we decided that we would engineer a test fixture so that we can start testing rear impact guard designs.

Why do people have their rear impact guards tested?

The main purpose of rear impact guard testing is to make sure that drivers of other vehicles are safe. The main reason that most companies have their guards tested is to make sure that they meet the necessary standards like NHTSA or NATM.

The rear impact guard is meant to protect other drivers if there is a collision between another vehicle and the back of your trailer or semi truck. Testing of these rear impact guards ensures that they hold up to the forces necessary, or in other words that they are strong enough. Under ride guards should also have the appropriate amount of deflection, or in other words, have the proper energy absorption. Our fixture tests both of these things.

Can Alpine Engineering and Design certify rear impact guards?

At Alpine Engineering and Design, our mechanical engineers have some of the highest credentials that an engineer can get. We have several engineers who have their professional engineering licenses. Because of our credentials and our testing abilities, we can certify that your rear impact guards meat NHTSA standards.

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There are three different tests that we run on rear impact guards. In order to run these tests we may need up to three separate guards (depending on how well thy hold up). The amount of time that the test will take depends on the current demand and the time that it takes for us to receive your guards. We can typically have the tests finished within three days of receiving your guards.

If you have any additional questions about our testing or would like to schedule with us to get your guards tested, call Alpine Engineering and Design today at (801)763-8484. To learn more about our services click here.

Rear Impact Guard Testing