When is a Scaffolding Expert Witness Necessary?

Accidents involving scaffolding are very common. These accidents can be caused by a number of different factors. Sometimes an accident occurs because of a lack of training or knowledge about the scaffolding. Other times scaffolding accidents can be caused by equipment failure or design failure. A scaffolding expert witness would be used in the case of an accident to help assess what happened.

Why is an Expert From Alpine Engineering and Design a Good Choice?

Our experts’ understanding of stress loads and safety are unparalleled. We perform stress analyses on a daily basis. This means that we can analyze the design and setup of the scaffolding equipment that was being used when the accident occurred. On top of being able to analyze the equipment involved, three of our experts are certified safety professionals which means that they have extensive knowledge about a number of safety regulations and protocols.

This means that when someone has an accident involving scaffolding, our experts can analyze the situation and provide insight into how the accident occurred and where the failures were in the process. Our experience as experts allow us to present our findings with a reasonable degree of engineering certainty and in a way that is easy to understand.

Scaffolding Expert Witness

Are Scaffolding Accidents Common?

Scaffolding accidents are a regular occurrence. If you search Google News you will find several serious injuries of deaths involving scaffolding accidents on a weekly basis. Because of how frequently scaffolding is used and how little training is often provided to those using the scaffolding, scaffolding accidents are very common.

If you need a scaffolding expert witness you can be confident that an expert from Alpine Engineering and Design is your best option. Speak to one of our experts today about your case by calling (801)763-8484. For more information about our experts click here.