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Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc.

Quality Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness Services

Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness

Looking for mechanical engineering expert witness support from an experienced mechanical engineer? Our engineers here at Alpine Engineering and Design could be an excellent fit! Give us a call today to discuss your case with one of our experts!

Experienced Patent Expert Witness

Looking for a patent expert witness with an extensive knowledge of patents? Our engineers here at Alpine Engineering and Design have over 70 patents between them and have been retained in numerous patent cases! Give us a call today to speak with one of our experts!

Product Liability Expert Witness

Our experience designing and analyzing products across dozens of different industries makes our experts a great fit for many product liability cases. If you have a case that needs a great product liability expert witness, give us a call today to speak to one of our experts!

Engineering Experience and Communication Skills You Can Rely On

Successful Projects

There are several different qualities that make a good expert witness. When you are looking for a mechanical engineering expert for either a patent or a product liability case, you need an expert with the knowledge, experience and communication skills to clearly provide their expert opinions.

Our experts have advanced degrees and certifications, but we understand that this is only one factor. Our experts have all been involved heavily in equipment design and they all have extensive knowledge of patents (all of our experts have several patents or patents pending for products they have designed). While these two things are important, we know that being able to clearly communicate information is vital in any case. When you speak to one of our experts, you will find that they have an amazing balance of all three aspects that make an exceptional expert witness.

More About Our Experts

Our engineers are often retained mechanical engineering experts when the need arises. Because our engineers work on such a wide variety of mechanical products, they are highly qualified to analyze and provide opinion on situations needing an engineering expert witness. We are frequently retained in product liability and patent cases. Our mechanical engineers can provide unbiased feedback and opinions that are based on a reasonable degree of engineering certainty. If you need an expert for a case, Alpine Engineering and Design likely has an engineer who would be a good fit. To find out more about our experts give us a call today at (801)763-8484, or click the link below.

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