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Expert Witnesses

Our mechanical engineering experts can provide solid knowledge and experience to help in your legal battles.

Reliable Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness Services

Finding the right expert doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a case involving intellectual property, product liability or other engineering issue, you can count on our team of licensed mechanical engineering experts to help. With our engineering knowledge and litigation experience we can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and how or if to best proceed.

Mechanical Engineering Expert Witness

Our licensed mechanical engineers have had extensive experience in design, forensics, testing and testifying.  We use tools such as models, simulations and actual testing. The strength of our reports have allowed many cases to be settled in mediation. If the case does not settle we use these same tools to teach the jury. Talk to us today about your case to see how we can help.

Experienced Patent Expert Witness

While it is important to understand the technology involved in a patent litigation, in our experience it is just as important to understand the legal issues in order to provide the best benefit in an IP case. We have been retained on over 100 IP cases, have opined on claim construction, infringement and invalidity. Call us to set an appointment to see how we can help your case.

Product Liability Expert Witness

Our engineers are not only licensed mechanical engineers, they are also Certified Safety Professionals in comprehensive practice. We have consulted on all sorts of product liability cases involving heavy equipment, industrial equipment, consumer appliances and building issues. Our work in this area is approximately 50/50 for plaintiff/defendant.


“I’m recommending Alpine to all my lawyers on every case calling for your expertise … [You wrote] the best expert engineering report I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing major products liability for almost 40 years.”

-Colin King – Dewsnup, King & Olsen Law

“[The Plaintiff] agreed to dismiss her claim … I believe that the strength of [Alpine’s] report was responsible for her decision to walk away from the case.”

Sharon K. Haynes – Assistant City Attorney

“[Alpine Engineering] will thoroughly analyze the record and prepare [their] own opinions that are backed by facts and logical analysis … [They are] readily able to defend [their] opinions in court proceedings. [They are]’ also exceptional at finding the weaknesses of the opposing side’s positions.”

Daisy Manning – Partner at Husch Blackwell

“I’m pleased to report that the jury found the defendant’s product was defective and awarded the net amount to my client … Thank you [Alpine Engineering] for your professional services in this case.”

Michael P Zaccheo – Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson

“…The Judge asked many more questions during [Alpine Engineering’s] testimony than during the testimony of [competing witnesses]. From the nature of his questions, I could see that the Judge was genuinely engaged by [Alpine’s] testimony, found it relevant, and was learning. What more can any lawyer ask of an expert witness?”

Richard A Cline – Mitchell, Allen, Catalano & Boda

“I wanted to thank you again for your strong efforts on this case. The prompt and excellent work you did directly resulted in a solid $8.5 million demand to our client being reduced … and we settled the case quickly thereafter …That’s a great result.”

David E Russon – Partner, Lewis Brisbois

Engineering Experience and Communication Skills You Can Rely On

Successful Projects

There are several different qualities that make a good expert witness. When you are looking for a mechanical engineering expert for either a patent or a product liability case, you need an expert with the knowledge, experience AND great oral and written communication skills to be able to clearly provide their expert opinions.

Our experts have advanced degrees and certifications, but we understand that this is only one factor. Our experts have all been heavily involved in equipment design and they all have extensive knowledge of patents (all of our experts have several patents or patents pending for products they have designed). While these two things are important, we know that being able to clearly communicate that information is vital in any case. When you speak to one of our experts, you will find that they have an amazing balance of all three aspects (knowledge, experience and communication skills) that make an exceptional expert witness.

Areas of Expertise

The majority of industries use products and equipment created through mechanical engineering. When something goes wrong and litigation is involved, you need certified mechanical engineers on your side. Having a team with the necessary knowledge helps build a strong foundation for your case. Below are examples of just a few of the areas for which our mechanical engineering experts have provided honest opinions and testimony.

More About Our Experts

Our engineers are often retained as mechanical engineering experts in legal battles.  Having designed 1000’s of products, our engineers have a rich background on a wide variety of mechanical products, they are highly qualified to analyze and provide opinion on situations needing an engineering expert witness. We are frequently retained in product liability and patent cases.  Our mechanical engineers can provide unbiased feedback and opinions.  If you need an expert for a case, Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc. likely has an engineer who would be a good fit. To find out more about our experts give us a call today at (801)763-8484, or click the link below.

Mechanical Engineering News and Updates

Learn how mechanical engineering has an impact on litigation. Read about cases and situations where our expertise can clarify concerns that are otherwise tough to call.

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Our main office is located in Alpine, UT, but our mechanical engineering experts serve clients anywhere in the United States. Set an appointment with our team to see how we can help.

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