Premises Case Expert Witness Service

Slips and Falls, handrails not up to code, stair cases too steep, sidewalks with crack that are not level.  These are all issues that our experts have dealt with.

The Alpine Engineering Difference

Knowledge. Two of our engineers in addition to being registered Professional Engineers (PEs) and Certified Safety Professionals in comprehensive practice (CSPs) are also Certified Commercial Building Inspectors. They have the knowledge and experience to assist you with any of your premises cases. In an initial consult we can let you know whether we think you have a case or not.

Consistency. Our experts will never take a case that they do not believe in. We value being able to sit on the stand and believe every word that comes out of our mouths. This is part of what makes our experts so successful. If are not convinced of something, we will make that known to you even if it is not what you want to hear.

Experience. Perhaps our strongest point is our experience. We have been retained on nearly 1000 cases total (IP, product liability, Premises, etc.), thus we are not a stranger to being in the courtroom. Combining this rich knowledge with our experience helping individuals and businesses across many scenarios, we have developed a unique skill set that we believe will serve you well. We have also been able to rebut the other side’s opinions with good solid bases.

Great Communicators. Our experts are great communicators. Communication is key when it comes to presenting facts in a court room. We have our own test lab and model shop. We are proficient in performing simulations and making animations so those we are presenting to can more easily visualize the concepts that we are describing. There have been numerous occasions where it has was our testing, simulations or animations that have allowed a judge or jury to understand our position that ended up being the turning point in a case.

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