Design Analysis, Why Is It Important?

Structural and design failures can create a myriad of problems ranging from lawsuits to recalls to redesigns. Often times a problem is only fixed when it manifests itself. Design analysis as an integral part of the design process is something that saves our clients money and time. Find out why Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc. is your best option for design analysis here.

When is the Best Time to Analyze a Design?

We often see companies chasing the problem because the proper analysis was not done before development. They become aware of a part on a design that is not holding the necessary stress loads (usually by something breaking), so they replace it with something stronger. The new piece is strong enough to hold the stress load, but now more stress is put on a different part of the product and a different part fails. That part is replaced and now holds the necessary stress, and you can see how the rest of the story goes and how frustrating it is. Finite element analysis allows you to make sure that you don’t end up chasing the problem. Not only will finite element analysis save you the headaches that chasing the problem causes, but it will also save you time and money since you will not have to replace parts or recall products.

Our engineers utilize many different forms of analysis to find and prevent issues that would be costly and time consuming long before they ever become issues. This saves you both time and money by increasing the value and reliability of your product. These analyses will also decrease the cost and time it takes to test designs.

Use Our FEA Services to Save You Time and Money

If you have a new product or mechanical system that needs analysis, we will run all of the calculations, perform the safety analysis, and ensure that the design is in compliance with all applicable industry, engineering and safety standards. All of these operations are performed to the highest degree of quality and are compiled in a professional analysis report. One important tool that we use to evaluate designs is Finite Element Analysis or FEA. With state-of-the-art FEA software we are able to quickly and accurately predict stresses and likely failure points in a design. Our engineers have years of experience making (usually) simple changes to reduce high stresses to acceptable levels.

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