Expert Knowledge from a Mechanical Engineer Expert Witness

mechanical engineering expert witness

Do you need the services of a mechanical engineer to act as a trial witness and provide industry knowledge to the judge and jury? You can count on our experts at Alpine Engineering to provide the litigation support you need to help you build the best case possible.

Our team of licensed engineers come with years of experience and knowledge to identify mechanical defects, analyze where the machine failed to perform its functions, and examine general system safety. You can trust us to provide meaningful analysis and testimony that can steer the verdict in your favor.

Mechanical Engineering Specializations

 The services of our mechanical engineering experts can reconstruct accidents  to determine what actually happened and do testing to show what occurred, etc. In this manner we are able to help you present the best possible offense or defense in legal battles involving complicated machines, tools, services and equipment.

Cranes, Manlifts, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts, Bucket Trucks and Fork Lift Trucks

We have testifed in many crane and manlift cases involving tip overs, broken cables, outrigger design, proper lifting of a man basket, etc. Our experts have actually designed this type of equipment and are thus intimately familiar with the ins and outs of specification, standards and actually doing the design. We have experts in the field that have had special training in cranes and their inspection and the operation of scissor lifts, boom lifts and forklifts. We know the designs and standards and proper use of this type of equipment

Amusement Rides

Alpine Engineering’s experts have taken National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials (NAARSO) training. In addition, our experts have actually design many high thrill rides such as drop rides and ziplines. We have be retained on numerous occasions to show why an injury accident had occurred and what the root cause of the incident was.

Industrial Equipment

Our engineering team has designed numerous types of industrial equipment such as conveyors, brick saws, fiber winding equipment, ovens, etc. We have been retained on many conveyor cases as well as cases involving food processing equipment for example.

Trailer Design, Heavy Equipment

Our experts have designed and been consulted on all sorts of trailers including flatbed trailers, end dump trailers, expandable side trailers, missile hauling trailers, van body trailers, RVs and all sorts of other specialty trailers. Needless to say, we know trailers. As a result, there is nobody better suited to help you with your trailer case. We have done trailer sway cases, trailer overturn cases and cases where the manufacturer did not make the trailer in accord with industry standards. We have been consulted on skid steer accidents, tractor accidents

Consumer Products

Our experts have been consulted on numerous cases involving consumer products such as blenders, tv stands, sprayers, artificial nails, eye glasses, urinal screens, toothbrushes, knives, lumbar supports, 

Refuse Vehicles and Refuse Systems

Our experts have designed and been consulted on all sorts of refuse vehicles including rear loaders, front loaders, side loaders, automated side loaders, roll-offs, rollout containers, recycling centers and equipment, etc. Many of our patents are in this field. Again, needless to say, if you have a case involving refuse trucks or related equipment, we have the expert for you

Exercise Equipment

Our experts have designed and been consulted on all sorts of exercise equipment such as weight machines, treadmills, ab machines, rowers, etc.

Oil Field Equipment

Our experts have designed and been consulted numerous times regarding oilfield equipment and its proper use. We have designed pipe handlers, drilling rigs, safety features for rigs, propant tanks, etc. We know drilling and proper safety protocols and proper use of oilfield equipment.


The Advantage of Choosing Alpine Engineering

You want only the best to present the facts during your trial, and you can expect that and more when you choose our team at Alpine Engineering. 

Our team consists of licensed professional engineers and certified safety professionals. We also have more than 80 patents under the name of our engineering experts, which shows our continued active involvement in industry.

Moreover, we have a deep knowledge of how litigation works and our role in the process. We have the tools necessary to perform various kinds of pre-trial and trial work to present your case in the most effective manner.