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Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, our experts are regularly retained as product liability experts when someone is hurt or injured in an accident involving a machine. Being mechanical engineering expert witnesses, as well as consulting engineers, our experts have a great deal of expertise in a number of different industries.

When someone gets injured or killed in an accident, there are usually several people who are affected. Often times, because of the complexity of the situation, or the unwillingness of a certain party to pay, an accident investigation expert witness will be utilized. Understanding what happened in the accident helps determine who should get money from whom. The parties that are involved range from insurance companies to equipment manufacturers to the plaintiff.

Our Case Experience

One of our accident investigation expert witnesses from Alpine Engineering and Design was retained in a case involving a major retailer. A customer of the retailer purchased several different types of building materials which were loaded onto the customer’s trailer. Everything seemed fine as the customer left, but as they were getting on the freeway, their trailer started swaying violently and rolled their vehicle. Our expert was hired to give his opinion about whether or not the retailer was in the best position to know the weights of the purchased products, and whether they loaded the trailer appropriately.

The case went to trial and our expert testified that the trailer was loaded incorrectly by the retailer, and that they should have loaded it appropriately as they were in the best position to know the weights of all of the products purchased. The customer won this case.

How Does an Accident Investigation Expert Help Determine What Happened?

There are many factors that come into play when an accident happens. An expert needs to have an understanding of the equipment being used. Determining the causes of an accident requires someone to take several different factors into account and analyze those factors in relation to the testimonies of anyone who saw the accident occur. Some accidents require us to reconstruct the accident using actual equipment. You can see some examples here. Our experts have reconstructed accidents on dozens of occasions to provide new insights and to allow them to take all of the necessary factors into account.

What Technology do Experts Use to Help Analyze an Accident?

Some cases require our experts to run simulations using 3D modeling. Our experts are all highly trained engineers who have years of experience doing 3D drawing in Solid Works. They can reproduce almost any accident scene using animations is Solid Works.

The actual accident scene and the actual equipment will almost always need to be seen to rule out any other factors playing a part. This is fairly typical in any accident investigation. Once all of the details have been gathered our experts can put their findings together and provide information with a reasonable degree of engineering certainty.

Because of the high quality analysis and reports our experts provide you can rely on the work that our experts do. If you need an accident investigation expert witness contact one of our experts today at (801)763-8484. To read more about our mechanical engineering expert witnesses click here.

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