Looking for an Experienced Expert Witness for a Crane Case?

Finding the right crane expert witness is important to your case. Crane accidents happen almost every day and cause varying degrees of damage.  Just sign up for updates from Google News about crane accidents and you will have a new notification every day with consequences ranging from property damage to loss of life.

Because cranes are so large and can cause so much damage lawsuits involving cranes often deal with large amounts of money and often loss of life. Because the consequences of crane accidents are so high, finding the right crane expert witness is vital to your case.  Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, our experts have in-depth knowledge when it comes to crane safety and operation. If you are in need of a great crane expert witness, click the button below to request a consult with one of our crane experts.

Our Experience

One of the many crane cases we have worked on involved a crane that was setting concrete pilings on a construction site. The auger got stuck and proper procedures were not followed which caused the cables on the crane to break and the drilling structure to tip over. The falling structure severed the leg of the young foreman that was working on site. Our expert was able to point out that the proper procedures were not followed and explain what should have been done in the situation and why the cables broke. This case went to trial and the jury came back with a generous plaintiff’s verdict.

In another case, three men were being lifted in a man basket, without warning the basket dropped many feet and one of the men were ejected from the basket.  Luckily he had his harness connected.  All three were injured to one degree or another.  By examining the black box data, our experts were able to determine that the crane was not in the proper mode for lifting personnel and that the operator did not have the crane dogged off had inadvertently hit the cable down control.


What Makes a Good Crane Expert Witness

A good crane expert will have a sound understanding of the mechanical workings of a crane. This is vital to be able to provide insight on proper mechanical function of the equipment.  Your crane expert should have had some experience designing, repairing, analyzing or inspecting cranes. This experience will provide them with the understanding necessary to assess whether the equipment involved in the accident was functioning properly.

A good expert witness for a crane accident will also have a sound understanding of how to operate a crane. This will allow the expert to provide insight into whether or not the crane was being operated safely and in accord with industry standards when the accident occurred.

The knowledge of a good expert can’t stop there. The expert must have a firm grasp on the maintenance of the crane that was being operated during the accident. Understanding which parties are responsible for maintenance and how frequently the maintenance was, and should have been done helps determine whether maintenance was a factor in the crane accident and which parties should be held responsible for the accident occurring.

The last thing that the best crane expert will have is a knowledge of the safety protocols of the workplace and operating of the machine. There are many regulations outside of standard operating procedures that are importance to analysis of a crane accident. Having a good understanding OSHA regulations, ANSI standards and other safety protocols is a huge benefit when looking for the best crane expert witness available.

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Why Choose Alpine Engineering and Design?

Our experts have designed and worked with cranes for many years.  They have run complex analyses on equipment used in the industry and they understand the standards that need to be met in the design process.  We have experts that have been certified to inspect cranes and rigging, adding to their experience and knowledge. This means that when it comes to the mechanical aspects of cranes, our experts’ knowledge is unparalleled.

Our experts are familiar with the maintenance schedules that need to be met by crane owners.  They can provide insight into whether or not the crane that was involved in an accident was being properly maintained.

All of our experts are registered Professional Engineers (PEs) and are also Certified Safety Professionals in comprehensive practice (CSPs) and understand the requirements for a safe workplace and for properly operating the crane.  We have experts that have designed cranes.  We have experts that have been trained in crane and rigging inspection.  This means that when you work with a engineering expert from Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc., you can heavily rely on the testing and safety analyses that they perform.

There are many issues that can arise when using and transporting cranes and other heavy equipment.  You need an expert witness who understands the design and functionality of the crane equipment.  Our experts at Alpine Engineering and Design are your best option for a crane expert witness due to the years of experience they have providing product liability expert services.

This experience allows our analyses and opinions to be technically accurate, of the highest quality, scientifically supported, and clearly presented. You can be extremely confident in the work that our experts provide. Call (801)764-8484 today for any of your crane expert witness needs. Or browse our site to learn more about Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc.

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