Expert Witnesses Who Understand the Oil and Gas Industry

Are you looking for an oil and gas expert witness? Chances are that you are looking for someone who doesn’t just understand the industry in general, but who also understands the mechanical and intellectual property aspects of the oil and gas industry.

Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, our experts have been designing and certifying equipment in the oil and gas industry for decades. There is no question that our engineers thoroughly understand the mechanical aspects of equipment used in the industry. In addition to the mechanical expertise, our engineers are named inventors on over 70 patents. They have also been utilized as expert witnesses in several patent cases.

These are just a few of the qualifications that make our engineers a great fit when you are looking for an oil and gas expert witness.

Our Experience in Oil and Gas

One of the many cases that our experts have worked on in the oil and gas industry involved a failure in the braking system of a rig. The person operating the controls described losing braking ability, and losing control of the block which weighed in excess of 1,000 lbs. The person on the rig floor noticed the falling block and jumped from the rig floor to avoid the possibility of being crushed. He suffered major injuries to his leg.

Our expert was able to show that there were several safer alternative designs and that the failure that occurred was foreseeable. The case settled shortly after our expert issued his report.

Why Work With an Expert From Alpine Engineering and Design?

By now you have probably realized that working with an expert from Alpine Engineering and Design is a great option simply from an experience standpoint. There are several other reasons that attorneys love working with our engineers for their oil and gas cases.

The first thing that you can count on when you work with our experts is the fact that we only take cases where we feel the side retaining us has a good case. This allows our experts to confidently form opinions based on a reasonable degree of engineering certainty, and stand behind those opinions throughout every phase of your case.

The second thing you can count on is that we only take cases where our experts have sufficient experience and training to provide expert opinions. Based on our previous experience designing and analyzing oil and gas equipment, this is an industry that our experts have extensive experience in.

The third thing you can expect is that our experts are excellent communicators. It is no secret that finding the right balance of engineering expertise and communication skills can be difficult, however, our experts often receive compliments from attorneys that they work with about their communication skills. This is something that sets our experts apart from many other options.

If you are looking for a qualified expert for your oil and gas case, give us a call today to speak with one of our experts at (801)763-8484 or request a consultation below.

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