Equipment Patent Expert Witness Service

Equipment Patent Expert Witness Service

Patent litigation can quickly become complicated as lawyers dissect the specifics of a product’s design. Patent infringement is a serious offense that can cost millions, so having the strongest case is critical. 

To build an edge in your case, you’ll want to hire an expert to provide sound testimony and analysis on a specific patent and its design. Working with a trusted patent expert witness can make all the difference between winning and losing your case.

Get in touch with our mechanical engineering specialists at Alpine Engineering if you need an expert witness that is well-versed in consumer product patents. We provide an informed look into patents and product designs to help your legal counsel build the strongest possible case.

Expert Witness Service Coverage

Patent litigation requires a solid argument based on facts and expert testimony. You need an expert knowledgeable in the various areas of patents and product design.

Our team can provide reliable testimony for issues involving patent protection, patents of engineered products, patent prosecution, and patent infringement. Our licensed team has a deep understanding of patents and superb communication skills to provide information that can make a difference in your case.

The Alpine Engineering Difference

Experience with the subject matter sets Alpine Engineering apart from other expert testimony services specializing in mechanical patents. We have kept over 70 patents through the many cases we have handled over the years.

Our licensed experts understand how our positions can become critical to your case’s success. We have experience searching prior art alongside our litigation expertise and understanding of the patent process. This knowledge puts us at an advantage compared to other expert witness services.

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