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Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, our forklift expert witnesses are familiar with the operation, safety and maintenance of forklifts. As an added bonus, our experts also have a clear understanding of how a forklifts work mechanically. These are a few of the reasons that our mechanical engineers are some of the most highly sought after experts when it comes to forklift lawsuits.

Our Experience on Forklift Cases

In one of the forklift cases that we worked on, a major manufacturer of forklifts was pulled into a lawsuit when someone tipped a rough terrain forklift and ended up injuring themselves. The injured party claimed that faulty design was to blame for the accident. Our expert evaluated the case, did an inspection, read through documents, and provided his expert opinion that there was a lack of training along with improper use. The jury came back with a 100% defense verdict.

Why is Alpine Engineering and Design Your Best Option for a Forklift Expert?

Our experts are all certified forklift operators and many of them are certified to train forklift operators. Our experts have even gone one step further and are qualified to train other individuals to train forklift operators. This means that when it comes to rules of operation, a forklift expert witness from Alpine Engineering and Design has unparalleled experience with the rules of forklift operation. Several of our experts are also certified safety professionals. Becoming a certified safety professional requires an understanding of general and specific workplace safety. This means that they can analyze the situation in which an accident occurred, and provide insight into things that could have been done differently in order to prevent the accident from happening.

We have been involved in several cases involving forklifts because of our knowledge and expertise. We understand the mechanical components of forklifts because we have designed and worked with many of the systems that compose a forklift. We can analyze equipment that was used for structural and design integrity.

If you are looking for a forklift expert witness that has a solid understanding of forklift mechanics, operation and safety, who also has significant experience being utilized as an expert witness, give us a call today at (801)763-8484. To learn more about our experts click here.

Frequency of Forklift Accidents

Forklift accidents happen on a daily basis. These accidents can happen because of improper training, user error, equipment failures or a myriad of other factors. In order for someone to provide the highest quality feedback available, they need to understand the safety measures in place for forklift operations and understand how the forklift works mechanically. An ideal forklift expert witness has certifications above simply operating a forklift.

Retain Alpine Engineering and Design for Your Case

Forklifts are very common in the workplace, but they require a special certification to operate. Because the certification takes time and money, many people forgo this step in the process of safely operating forklifts. It is very easy to underestimate the damage that can be done by an untrained forklift operator.

People also underestimate the danger involved in forklift operation. Finding yourself on the wrong side of a tipping forklift or a falling load is not a position that you want to be in. These are only a few of the potential issues that can arise due to lack of training, maintenance issues or poor design. Whatever the accident is, you don’t want to be involved on either end. When you retain an expert from Alpine Engineering and Design for your forklift case, you can be confident that they will have knowledge and training that makes them an ideal expert. Fill out the form below to request a consult with one of our forklift experts.

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