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Millions of people per year seek out entertainment at amusement parks. Everyone at the park’s worst nightmare is a roller coaster malfunction. That is part of the adrenaline rush. The sad truth is that these accidents do happen, and when they do, you should be looking for the best amusement park expert witness to provide insight into your case.

Our experts have been retained in a number of product liability lawsuits involving high thrill rides and are widely respected as authorities when the safety of a ride is called into question. To learn more about our product liability expert services, click here.

An amusement park expert witness should have a sound understanding of the engineering behind amusement park rides, an understanding of how to analyze an amusement park ride from a safety standpoint, and an understanding of the safety regulations involved in amusement ride development. This experience comes from studying rules and designing products in this space. When you work with an engineer from Alpine Engineering and Design, you can be confident that they will have done both..

Our Experience that Makes Us Exceptional Amusement Park Expert Witnesses

At Alpine Engineering and Design, we provide amusement park ride design and analysis for some of the most well known names in the industry. If you like riding amusement park rides, chances are that you have ridden a ride that is owned by one of the companies we do work for. Designing and developing in this industry require specific knowledge and certifications. Our engineers have this knowledge and the required certifications which is one factor that sets us apart as experts.

Knowledge of safety protocols is another area that sets Alpine Engineering and Design apart. We have three engineers who are certified safety professionals. This is one of the most prestigious certifications that you can obtain in regards to safety.

Why Choose Alpine Engineering and Design for Your Roller Coaster or Thrill Ride Case?

Anyone who has used an expert knows that technical knowledge is only as good as a person’s ability to communicate it. Our experts at Alpine Engineering and design are exceptional communicators. Our experts come from a consulting engineering background which requires them to be able to seamlessly integrate with the current engineering of any company that we work for. This often involves communicating with the owners of companies, the engineering managers and other engineers. The need to be constantly communicating in a clear manner allows our engineers to excel as experts because they can clearly communicate their findings on any level necessary.

If you need an amusement park expert witness, Alpine Engineering and Design is a phenomenal option. We will provide you with information that is timely and that is based on a reasonable degree of engineering certainty. Call us today at (801)763-8484. To learn more about our mechanical engineering experts click here.

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