Types of Consultation Services that Mechanical Expert Witnesses Provide

If you’re dealing with a case or legal dispute related to product liability, machinery, and mechanical failures, an expert witness with mechanical engineering expertise can come in handy. They can provide opinions and technical support that can strengthen your argument.

Here are the types of consulting services an expert witness can provide:

Fact Checking and Analysis

Fact Checking and Analysis

A lawyer may initially need an expert to better grasp certain facets of their dispute. In many machine or product failure investigations, technical issues may be too complicated for juries, judges, or lawyers to understand themselves. 

A mechanical engineer will make a great expert witness because they are backed by years of experience. They can translate complex technical issues to the average person, assess if a certain product met industry standards and whether a product or machine defect caused the alleged injuries.

In these cases, an expert witness can help examine documents and respond to technical queries. An attorney may use this information to prepare for discussions and court proceedings. Any technical findings will also be used to create the legal team’s strategy.


Deposition is another type of expert consultation. Deposition responses may be utilized in court cases or settlement discussions.

Mechanical engineers are fact-driven and logical. Thanks to their technical know-how, they can act as expert witnesses in court to answer questions and correct misconceptions or imprecise statements. 


On certain technical matters, experts advise jurors. Mechanical engineers, in this case, use their skills and knowledge to analyze and explain important research and case elements. 

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