Garbage Truck Expert Witness, What Qualifications Do They Need and How Common Are They?

The average hourly wage for a garbage person is nearly $17 per hour. Have you ever wondered why it is so high for a job that requires no formal education? Yes, the smell is probably a factor, and no, it is not really a glamorous job, but one of the main reasons that a garbage person is paid well is because their job is dangerous! Accidents that require a garbage truck expert witness are quite common.

Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, our experts have been designing garbage trucks and providing expert services for lawsuits involving garbage trucks for decades. Our experience in the industry, along with our experience providing product liability expert services make us a clear choice when you are looking for an expert witness for your garbage truck case.

Our Expert Experience With Garbage Trucks

In one of the garbage truck cases that an expert of ours was retained on, the operator of the vehicle slipped and in an attempt to catch himself, ended up getting his hand into a pinch point and cutting off four of his fingers. Our expert was able to analyze the particular rear loading garbage truck and compare it to several other similar trucks. All of the similar models had come up with a way to mitigate the pinch point in question. We were able to design a guard that would have eliminated the pinch point. The case settled shortly after our expert issued his report.

How did Alpine Engineering and Design Get Started in the Garbage Equipment Industry?

Alpine Engineering and Design has been designing products for major names in the refuse industry since our company was started. We have designed and patented containers and trucks for the garbage industry. We have done product design for dozens of different companies in the industry. Because we were so well know in the industry, people started retaining some of our engineers to be their garbage equipment expert witnesses. From there, the reputation spread and we have been utilized in almost any type of garbage equipment case you can think of.

Why Alpine Engineering and Design is a Great Fit for Your Case in the Garbage Equipment Industry?

When a case comes to us in the garbage equipment industry, it is typically a product liability case. Someone has usually been injured working with a garbage truck, garbage container or both. When it comes to product liability, a sound understanding of the product is a must. Our experts have been designing equipment in the refuse industry for more than 30 years. We have several patents in the industry and are considered by many to be pioneers in this industry. When you need someone who understands the refuse industry, whether it is garbage cans, rear loader garbage trucks, front loader garbage trucks or anything else in the industry for that matter, you can trust that Alpine Engineering and Design is your best option. If you need a garbage equipment expert witness for a product liability case involving refuse equipment of any kind give us a call today at (801)763-8484. To learn more about Alpine Engineering and Design and how our mechanical engineering experts can help you, click here.

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