Engineering Services Offered

At Alpine Engineering and Design we provide the highest quality expert witness services, product design and engineering available. We are structured so that we can complete your projects in the time frame that you require. We can literally help you develop a product months and in some instances years faster than it would otherwise happen. We have designed products in dozens of industries including mobile equipment, refuse, exercise and more. When you need quality, speed and experience, Alpine Engineering and Design is the right option for your product design and engineering.

Our Goal for Product Design and Engineering


Our goal is to provide you with a one of a kind experience, by assessing your project individually and custom fitting our skills to your needs. Nobody wants a bad design or a flawed product, and nobody wants major headaches to be a part of getting good designs and a good product. We aim to provide both high quality and seamless integration for all of our clients so that you will have a high quality design and peace of mind. This means clear communication, clear deadlines and clear costs.

How we Integrate with Your Business

We offer a variety of services to seamlessly integrate with your current product design and engineering systems. If you have a full engineering department and just need additional support short term, are set up to allow that. If you don’t have an engineering department but occasionally need engineering we are set up to assist you. If you are on the verge of needing an additional engineer, but are not ready to hire someone full time, we can take the overflow until you are ready to hire someone full time.  Whether your product is in the final stages of design, or just a coffee table sketch we can help you get it to where you need it to be. Give us a call today for any of your design needs!