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In the world of expert witnesses, finding a great intellectual property expert witness is not always an easy task. Of course, you probably know that already, or else you would probably not be on our site. The balance between academic credentials and industry experience is always a factor when choosing the best intellectual property expert for your case. Most attorneys will agree that the right expert witness can be a major asset to any lawsuit. Finding an expert with the right balance of credentials and experience can make or break your case.

Here at Alpine Engineering and Design, we have been working in areas that involve intellectual property for decades. Our engineers have over 70 patents between them, along with a number of patents pending. You can rest assured that an expert from Alpine Engineering and Design will be knowledgeable, well spoken and reliable.


You should look for someone who is credible. If you were looking for advice on a specific subject is this someone that you would include on your shortlist of people to ask for advice? If someone does not have relevant education and experience the opposition will highlight that and discredit them in front of the jury.


You should look for an expert who is polished but not too smooth. You want someone who can communicate clearly and convincingly, but who is not too much of a salesman that the jury gets the idea that they are being sold something. This all comes down to experience, knowledge and a belief in what they are saying.


You should look for an expert who will stand their ground, even if that means disagreeing with you on some points. An expert who adopts your viewpoint on everything will not hold up well in trial. The opposing counsel has a hay day with an expert who is not representing facts that they are convinced of.

If you find an expert witness that meets all of these requirements, you have a great expert witness. They will represent you well in court and in many cases can be the deciding factor in a case.

Why Choose an Expert from Alpine Engineering and Design?

When you retain a mechanical intellectual property expert witness from Alpine Engineering and Design, you can be confident that your expert will have great credentials. In addition to holding over 70 patents between them, they have testified before the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), International Trade Commission (ITC), and Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). They have decades of experience working with intellectual property and all have mechanical engineering backgrounds.

All of our experts have spent significant time and have in-depth experience in prior art search both for cases they have worked on and for their own patents. Our experts have been retained in more than 80 mechanical intellectual property cases over the years.

Our experts are great communicators. Communication is key when it comes to presenting facts in a court room. Our experts have invested numerous hours into studying communication since communication is vital in all aspects of our business.

Our experts will never take a case that they do not believe in. We value being able to sit on the stand and believe every word that comes out of our mouths. This is part of what makes our experts so successful. If are not convinced of something, we will make that known to you even if it is not what you want to hear.

Whether you are working with patents or trademarks our experts are highly qualified to provide analysis and opinions that are technically accurate, of the highest quality, scientifically supported and clearly presented.

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