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With the market place rapidly evolving, new products are being designed and brought to market every day. As a consequence, patent infringement happens more often than ever. Millions of dollars in revenue can be lost due to patent infringement. When you have lost hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars due to patent infringement, you definitely want to have the best patent expert witness available. Our experts have been retained in dozens of patent cases and have the patent experience necessary for most mechanical patent cases.

Our Expert Experience With Patent Cases

Our engineers have been retained as experts in many patent cases. One of these cases involved a company who made agricultural equipment being sued by one of the major players in the industry for patent infringement. Our expert was retained to help with an invalidity argument based on obviousness. The particular claim involved was determined to be invalid based on obviousness. This is just one of many similar scenarios for which our patent experts have been retained.

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Finding the Right Expert for Your Case

Finding the right patent invalidity and infringement expert witness can be difficult. You are trying to balance a combination of experience, knowledge and communication skills. Unfortunately, this may be less common than most people imagine in this arena. As most attorneys know, choosing the right expert can strongly influence the outcome of their case, so it is vital that you find someone that satisfactorily meets your qualifications for experience, knowledge and communication.

Vet out several experts who have a background dealing with patents. This can be obtaining patents of their own, or helping others do so. Narrow that down by those who have experience working on patent cases in the past. Narrow it once again by speaking with those people over the phone and determining which are the better communicators. This should only leave you with a few, and should make your decision making process much simpler.

Three Requirements Your Patent Expert Should Meet

In order for you patent expert witness to provide the value that you are likely searching for, they should be able to meet a few requirements.

  • Clear Understanding of the Patent Process

The patent process is very specific. Hiring someone who has to learn the process along the way is likely not in your best interest no matter how qualified they are for other aspects of the case. Your patent expert should not require hand-holding when it comes to understanding the patent process. Finding an expert who has extensive experience working with patents, or who has obtained patents themselves takes a lot off of your plate as an attorney.

  • Experience Searching Prior Art

Prior art searches play a major role in almost any patent lawsuit. There is an art to finding what you are looking for and understanding when something that you have found really matters. Our experts have done prior art searches for numerous cases and understand how to utilize it to help with a case.

  • Litigation Experience

Knowledge of subject matter is extremely important, but an expert without litigation experience can be a liability to a case. Our experts are relied upon for two reasons. First, we will never take the side of a case that we don’t agree with. Second, they have had experience being deposed and testifying. If you need a reliable patent expert witness, give one of our experts a call today. We would be happy to see if it is a good fit for us and for you.

Why an Expert from Alpine Engineering and Design is a Great Option

Our experts have that fine balance that is so rare among expert witnesses. We have been providing services for intellectual property lawsuits fro more than fifteen years. We have built the majority of our business from internal referrals because our clients are usually exceptionally happy with the expert services that we provide. On top of that, our experts have obtained over 70 patents for their own inventions. Our clients love the knowledge and experience that our experts bring to the table.

Our experts have testified in front of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), International Trade Commission (ITC), and Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

We work with patents for both clients and for ourselves on a regular basis. We have significant experience searching prior art and reading patents. If you need a qualified patent invalidity and infringement expert for your case give us a call today at: (801)763-8484. Learn more about Alpine Engineering and Design, Inc. by browsing our website and expert CVs.

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