Looking for a Qualified Product Liability Expert Witness?

When you are looking for a good product liability expert witness, you want someone who can easily understand the equipment involved in your case, who can format test scenarios to better understand what happened in your case and who can present their findings clearly.

When someone gets injured by a machine or a piece of equipment, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account when evaluating the case. The variables that need to be taken into account for product liability are something that a good expert should understand. You have two options when choosing an expert for your case. You can find someone who understands these things already, or you can coach the person on the things they should be looking for.

Why We Are the Optimal Choice for Your Product Liability Case

Our experts have been retained in hundreds of product liability cases over the years. If it becomes necessary to present our findings in court, our clients trust the education, communication and experience of our team of experts.

We utilize cutting edge technology, unparalleled reconstruction and detailed analysis to provide powerful combination that allows even complicated matters to be presented clearly so that any jury can easily understand the facts of your case.

Our experience as well as our process allows our analyses and opinions to be technically accurate, of the highest quality, scientifically supported, and clearly presented.

Product Liability Expert Witness with Experience

Our Expert Categories for Product Liability

Our experts specialize in mechanical product liability. We have in-depth experience with large mobile equipment such as cranes, trucks, trailers, forklifts, excavators and more. We have also done a significant amount of product liability work for conveyor systems, machine guarding, scaffolding and more. Several of our experts are certified safety professionals. This means they have extensive knowledge about safety standards which are important for any product liability case. This is something that sets a product liability expert witness from Alpine Engineering and Design apart from the rest. Contact one of our experts at: (801)763-8484. If you are looking for a mechanical engineering expert and would like to learn more about our company, click here.